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December 2016

No Accounting for Stupid

I hid it from myself

To prevent stupidity;

The stupidest thing I’ve done to date

Is to hide it from me.


One More

The ambulance hunched down silently

Beside the old folks’ home,

Waiting for the patient,

To shuffle them off

In a sombre,



A blanket

On a gurney,

Between two Hi-Vis

Angels is taken away;

One more called last orders,

One fewer will sit down for tea.





The night she left

The sky boiled purple. 

Black dogs hunted

In packs, they found me,

Asleep, awake, afraid.

Financial Services

Fists balled on hips,

Indignant, screwed-up face,

All pout and fume and stamp.

Tiresome, futile rage;

Redder, redder cheeks.

The martyr climbs the cross,

All blame and bile and gripe.

Nobody gives a toss.

The Great Plain

I used to have this whole space

To stretch,

To curl,

To be –

Yet I always struggled to sleep.

Now I’m pushed up to the edge,

The cat,

The girl,

And me –

I’ve never slept so deep.



I admit,

I go home early, but just in my head.

Today’s been

Quite shit,

So mentally I’ve been in bed.



Click ‘submit’.

Purchase order;

Click ‘submit’.

Repeat ad nauseum;

Click ‘submit’.

Another 6am;

Click ‘submit’.

11 hours lost;

Click ‘submit’.

Click click click;

Click. Submit.

New Skirt

People know,

People don’t;

The lady in the shop made

A lucky guess with a sly smile;

I love every second

Yet hate every minute.

I’m a man,

I’m a woman;

I am in two minds but

I love only one person;

Over thirty-five years, it’s been,

I’m still not okay with me,

Yet so many others seem to be.

I’m thankful one of them is she.


Your piano’s far too bright;

It should sound like lonely nights,

As if it’s been played

By a thousand,

Half-cut, broken souls;

Of nicotine fog,


Sorrow and loss;

Each string a heartstring,

Snapped and hastily fixed;

Of shattered teeth and guts

In each harrowed note;

When your piano sounds too bright,

Your love song sounds like lies.

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