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October 2016



Eermate! Mate mate!

Thank God you’ve stopped, you see,

I’ve ‘obbled far and wide today,

Norf  ‘n’ souf and everywhere,

I can barely bend me knee!

Nobody I’ve talked to yet has spoken back to me,

I’m wond’rin’ if you could help me out,


Everyone’s a miser,

Everyone’s a scrooge,

Could you ‘elp me out, mate,

I’d get down on me knees,

If only this one would bend,

I’ll ask you just once, please,

Could you ‘elp with some small change

So’s I could gerra cuppa tea?”


The Nightingalers

Somewhere between Corbett,

Barker and Beckett,

They sit and argue the toss

About naught; so cross.

Beneath a statue of Flo’,

Ensconced by London Road,

In the shadow of a long gone hospital

They ramble and mither and prattle;

Dedicated to their craft,

Arguing until they laugh.

October’s Tic

Nothing fits today,

All I’ve picked up has been put down just as quick.

Old habits, pastimes,

Supposed to die hard but today die swift.

My right leg is a restless twitch,

I suppose it’s just one of those days

When nothing seems to fit.

National Poetry Day

I heard it’s National Poetry Day 

And I thought


“No, not today,

“I’m tired and ill,

“I’m fading away.”

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