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August 2015

Pebble Dashed

Another pebble in the ocean,
Cast in hopeful motion,
Barely makes a ripple,
Slips away.
She stares and hopes and waits
Unmet hope turns quick to hate,
Yet barely makes a ripple
On her face.


Future’s Fools

Fools fighting fools,
With intellects,
A new, clear fear
A hot future
Of cold times.
We look upon the days,
The figures,
The lies,
But to focus on the folly
One needs long,
Sharp eyes.

Swede (K)

We’ve danced this dance before, my love,
The same steps over again,
We’ll step on each others toes, my love,
To the music that will never change,
We’ll walk off as time wears on, my love,
Having enjoyed the familiar tune,
You’ll forget me, as I forget you, my love,
And we’ll dance in a year or two.

Couch Valley

The ass-print in the broken couch,
The comfort of the same old slouch,
The slow trudge day to day to day,
A chance has come for change.
Grab my hand an pull me out
From my valleys in the couch
Force me out and out and out
I go to seek my fortune.

Little Bird


In Training

‘Neath the tree by the tracks there is treasure.
The green by the grey is a joy.
The wind whistles wild,
Though the mood remains mild,
August is dreaming a ploy.


We skim from nothing to nothing,
Soak our bottoms on every bounce.
We hope to cause a ripple and be noticed.
We try to create others just like us,
When those who skim the same way
Will not end up in the same place,
And we end up sinking,
Lifelessly alone.

Birthday Season (Three Days Past)

Only the faintest hint

Of embarrassment,

Nobody’s fault,

Not even mine.

An overheard word

Becomes a cake and a song,

Through platitudes slurred

Things didn’t take long

To return to normal


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