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April 2015

Now the Tears

The storm has passed,
Now the tears can roll
As thunder rolls its last.
Standing on the grass,
Now the tears flow,
And flow into the past.


For You…

Stand up, stand up!
To hell with the demons and devils in tow!
Walk tall, stride strong
Wherever with angels and your wings on show,
Strike out, walk on,
Pick up your heels and stay on your track,
Keep friends, keep strong,
Together we can break the devil’s back.

Rabble Rabble

The rabble rendered sleepless,
A blue sky stares obscene.
Smoked and salted grievers
Shuffle darkly through the green.
Whiteness lightly streaking
A vapor laser beam,
And the gulf is ever increasing
Between the ghost and the machine.

Middle Ground

Spirits bound in a shell,
Twisted together and
Of one feather,
Pulling apart, merciless bond
At odds and yet so fond.
Two spirits in battle
Neither the Victor
Nor the Victoria.

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