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February 2015

Hometown, Homeshire, Homeland.

This town used to make things.
Lately feeling it’s forsaken,
All the confidence is shaken
Down to nought.
This town was once a centre.
Lately lacking manufacture,
The silken spine is fractured
And it’s caught.
This town thinks it’s a city.
But it’s not.


Evening’s Due

The bars are up,
A frenzy caged for later.
Some change for the rest
As a witness attests,
After darkness,
A different creature.

Power’s Out

The power’s out
But we don’t talk,
We ooh,
We ahh.
We wonder why,
We stare and wait
For lights,
For sound.
The power’s on,
We reconnect,
We click,
We scroll.
The power’s out again.
We repeat ourselves.

High Roosters

The high roosters communicate ideas with ease,
Informing the lowly of that which is known.
“Sunrise,” they screech,
As if only they have eyes.
“Sunrise,” they repeat,
As if every day’s a surprise.
The lowly sink lower as the noise overhead
Becomes persistent,
Then dead.
The high roosters communicate ideas with ease,
But the lowly may not want to know.


Teeming rain on streaming pavements.
The gush and roll and drip
Through winter branches,
The smell,
The damp, damp smell,
Tracksuits and trainers and mud,
Running for shelter.
A caravan looming large
By my own tiny size
Holidays by the lakes,
In the rain.

Oh Cluck.

A flash of orange in the moonlight.
Feathers fly as noise arouses
Nobody to come.
A dash of red on the skylight.
Feathers die and fall around her
Blooded fun.
The noise grows louder, louder,


Fox is lost to chaos and clamour,
Curls up and whispers, whimpers,
Every twitch, a new kind of clucking,
Clucking hell.

The Crowds of Town

Old stomping, no eye contact.
Usually fine, no need to connect
But today is different
Eyes up, looking around.
Nobody agrees.
So we all stare down.


Passing time by passing time.
Eyes wide dreaming.
Blanket eyes.
Pushing through nothing.
For nothing.
For life.

Battle’s Lost (2)

The defenders are crestfallen.
The defensive wall falls,
Laid bare to barbs
And spears.

Let them fly.

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