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January 2015


Flakes for nothing,
Cold slow rain.
Settling for less,
Always and again,
A microclimate.



Looking through photos,
Hastily seeking a piece of humanity,
The missing link to the data streams,
Some sense, some sanity.

Last Twelve

“Assess the last twelve,
Let us know what you’re worth.
Did you save us a penny?
Did you cost us the Earth?
Did you identify and improve,
Unlock and remove?
Did you ascertain and change,
Work within range?
Did your blue sky thinking
Help you narrow your scope?
Did you touch base with us?
Did you have enough rope?”

I spent the last twelve
Hanging over a pit
Just trying to pretend
That I give a shit.

Bury Me In…

Do not bury me in a pair of dress shoes.

I never could stand them in life

I wore All-Stars most times,

Even at weddings, once or twice,

As I prefer.

Do not bury me in crisp white shirt.

I never did wear them in life

I wore t-shirts quite often,

Mostly ones cut for women,

As I prefer.

Do not bury me in a death-black suit.

I never did wear them in life

I wore skirts or jeans,

Or even dresses when I pleased,

As I prefer.

Do not bury me in consecrated ground.

It might start a fire.

Addressing Matters

The rules?
Ah, the rules.

The belts and straps that tie us down,
That keep us from expression.
Prefer a tiara to a crown?
Now for self repression.
Grow a beard and wear a skirt,
Kempt hair and pretty shoes?
Outside they demand a shirt,
No make-up for the bruise.

The rules?
Fuck them.

Build Up

Hunched low,
These empty eyes staring,
Closer! Closer! Brave a peek
At all that’s bleak.
Holding close to the contour,
Grey as an English sky,
Still staring, empty eyes.
Holding still,
Strange comfort of nothing,


Bright winter
Things are
Looking up.

Bright winter
Low sun
Hidden ice.

Bright winter
Guilty eyes.

Bright winter
Fooled by
Weathered lies.

Bright winter
Open arms.

Bright winter
Old tunes
Unwelcome harm.

Bright winter
Dark times.

Wish It Away

Long greys roll over,
Eyes reflect clouds and cloud inside.
Passing and passing low rumble
A swift kick in the give-a-shit,
Waiting and waiting on time.

Snapped Up

Leading question,
Dealing dark awareness,
Stark shadow passes over the day
And all that is lost
Is remembered,
Buried deep in grey.

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