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July 2014


A broken signal
Costing weeks and
Reminded us
To use our hands,


Played For Keeps

The bubble’s burst,
Reality creeps in.
A new, fractured world,
Nothing’s for keeping.

The Tempest

Staring, waiting,
Patient, patient,
Eager, breathing,
Patient, patient,
Purples, greys,
Heavy lids awaken false rays,
Dark, dark blue but nothing yet,

Begins the play.

Must Cry Louder

A cry for help goes unseen,
Unheard though shouted, terrible.
A broken arm reaches out for the fields,
To nothingness,


At nothing

And reluctantly


One Man’s Trash

Hidden away, in the darkest recesses,
Are the most meaningful of the possessions,
Occasional light, a naked reminder,
An unfortunate truth for an unlucky finder,
What is it, what are you expecting to see?
Keep going left, that’s where you’ll find me.
Buried in bargains
And charity’s goods
A vast untold story,
I’d tell, if I could.

Never The Right

Just enough to take the edge off,
Not so much as to lose the day,
More than enough for disconnection,
Just enough to make someone stay.
Just enough hold back the tears,
Not so much as to stifle the mind,
More than enough for recalibration,
Just enough to hold up the spine.

Good Morning, Spine

Eyes wide for the wet snap,
Muffled screams from the bare back,
Promise of pain for the day ahead,
“Labour on, don’t rest in bed”,
The doctors have said.

Like Electron

Why say that?
What good could you bring?
Do you think
Before you say anything?
Your negative words repulse me,
As a negative myself,
But will repel me further still
We speak no more.


Swift nonsense,
A draft a draught stole,
From beginning, scratch again,
A window
To one’s soul.

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