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April 2014

Done Now

A welcome, welcome end.
Time passed on,
Stagnation set in,
Still water and boredom.
Taken to giddy heights
And desperate gloomy depths,
But now we are at an end.
A welcome, welcome end.


Blank faces staring,
Uncaringly daring.
Like the sketch,
Wayward words fall away
Into a void which spits them back.
Faces marked and marred and battle-scarred,
Screwed up and cast aside.
Today is a day for surrender and to remember
Those who died.


Nothing passes slowly.
No time to think,
Nothing happens suddenly.

No Way To Live

Hand to mouth,
Cheek by jowl,
Not eye-to-eye so toe-to-toe,
This is how the foul days go.

Wild Growth

Growth is free and natural,
Release the creature
Once a year.
A coverage that’s annual.
Look like father
Once a year.

Trim back when tired and vulnerable.
Father’s sadness fades
Son rises, untied and strong again.
Skirting the heels of happiness.

Hours of Pages

Another grand idea,
Lost to the stream,
Another great dream,
A plan,
A plot,
A misfit?
A pile of shit.


Beneath the grey,
A lake,
A prehistoric creature swims.
The fins stir up destruction,
Agitate creation,
At once.

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