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October 2013


Two houses,

                At war,

A spine between them.

Two spouses,


A child between them.

Two roses,


A pink rose between them.


Mill Pond

A rare moment when it stills

A calm wash,

A curious loss

Of drive, impetus and will.

A reflection of life’s bitter scramble

Through bright days

And shades of grey,

Until death do we all amble.


The odour of a twice failed plan

Amongst others, a tortured man.

Old habits are stronger than the intention

Which necessitates reinvention.

Change the body, check the mind,

Self-loathing is not blind,

See the mirror, break the spell,

A night now plunged to hell.

Time has passed and limbo calls

A fool’s reflection appals.

Bats for a Day

Glossy sheets and high-tower tales,

Running far and fast,

Beauty and sickness,

Joy and violence,

Maniacs and silence,

A vivid bleakness,

An escape at last,

A high-tower city of magnificent tales.

Grape and Grain

Sullen grey sulk

                Children of seas

                Weep lightly at first

                Growing urgency.

Low-hanging fruit

                Poisoned with ease

                Removal may cure

                Future appeased.

The Great Indoors

Inside she is out.

Outside he is in.

Survival of the fittest

And the need for fitting in

Lying to ourselves and each other about


The Mercy of the Herd

The path of least resistance,

To tumble with the herd,

Learn lies word for word,

An easy choice to make,

An easy road to take.

A shameful dark persistence,

An urgency to be free,

A struggle to be she,

A bite inside the mind,

A blistered, broken hind.

She lost her feet and trampled,

Beneath the braying herd,

Their broken, hurtful words,

The ending was an end,

A most merciful friend.

Also By the Same Author

Words bound by tree and tree,

Minds seen and yet unseen,

A breaking heart, a smile,

A life, a laugh,

A death, a pause

Distant worlds next-door

Peaces of wars,

Ours, not ours,

Truths and lies,

An old surprise,








Stacked high for a tumble,

Askew, the wig is fumbled,

Painted nails and foolish ladders.


Confetti and extravagance,

Amuse the gathered, little dance,

Rictus grin and streaking sadness.


Help them up, when they fall down.

Make-up does not make a clown.

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