Be deep in your cups,

If you must,


                I must,

                As I lust,

                For that which I cannot attain,


So refrain!

Pull your face from the ale,

As it causes you to fail,


                But my problems do pale,

                As I sup more and more,


Until your life hits the floor

And you live under doors

Begging for alms,


                But my soul feels calmed!

                And life is less bleak

                As my perspective is tweaked


And you wallet does leak.

As does your mind, my friend

As that on which you depend

Tears away at your person,


                I did not come here for sermon,

                I came here to think!

                And maybe a wee drink,


No, you came here to sink

Into a thoughtless mess,

While the life you are blessed

With fades away into nought,

But I spare you this thought,

I love you, please stop.