It fell that fateful night.

So ill prepared for such a thing

I struggled to put it right.


They all saw me anew.

It should have been an answer

But I didn’t want them to


See the side I’d hidden.

For so long now, many years

The road on which I’ve ridden


Solitary, strong in stealth.

I’ve been riding away from all

It takes its toll on my health


As it should.

As it did.

As it will forevermore.


I cried that fateful night.

In the eyes of all those staring

I was drawn into the light.




They all stared me down.

I still feel the scalding orbs

Hidden deep ‘neath bustled frown


Seeing me for what I am

And for all that I am not.

I see now I had appeared a sham


To myself but not to them.

They knew the face was just a mask

It was dropped toward the hem


As I should

As I did

As I wish I never had.